Commentary on Ashton Kutcher’s Teen Choice Award Speech

Most of you reading this post have no doubt seen your Facebook newsfeed filled with posts and reposts on Ashton Kutcher’s motivating Teen Choice Awards speech.

This is definitely a great message no matter what age you are or where you are at in life.
I also think that along with the motivation that comes with the content of what Kutcher says in his speech, there is something else that is revealed as part of his talk. Do you notice how the crowd reacts when Kutcher brings up the word “sexy?” It roars. I am guessing that a majority of the audience at the Teen Choice awards are teenagers, and judging by the sound of the crowds roars alot of those cheering loudest were young, impressionable girls.

Our society does have a problem. We elevate sex in our pop culture and media, which sifts through onto the web and into the minds of our kids. They gravitate to it, and things don’t change when they get older, in fact it usually gets worse. We know its wrong because when someone like Ashton Kutcher (or I guess, Chris) says something like this, we all realize he is right; thus, we can conclude that the way things are going on the mainstream level, the messages we are leaving our kids on how to live their lives, are on the whole not correct.

Thanks Ashton for making this speech, and I hope we can all take to heart what he said. I hope that our society can reverse the trend of “sex sells” in favor of a “its sexy to be smart” mentality. The first line of defense is of course what happens in homes across America, but things need to change in terms of what our leaders in government, business, and entertainment decide to do about this problem. The problem should be acknowledged and acted upon.

And I suppose for us as individuals, including myself, one must ask – what am I doing in my own life that is contributing to what is happening in our society? How can I be better?

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